An event for ears, mouth, nose, eyes and soul

Christina seduces all your senses
Savour with all your senses special music at special locations! This is the successful recipe of our Special Locations Tour. For a while now, the tour has been enriched by one more treasure – chocolate. These sold-out concerts are all about chocolate. They are a festival for all your senses and an absolute highlight for Rommel fans … and then, of course, there is the Rommel Band.

The HMMMMMM effect
… and once you get a taste for it, you’ll continue to find pleasure in it. This high-grade German pop music is served topped with culinary delights. Christina and her band deliver pure enjoyment piece by piece, sometimes upbeat and sometimes gentle.

Savouring and seeing the chocolate
A real chocolate kitchen is set up at the concerts right next to the musicians onstage. Here the chocolate girls prepare the tasty creations and the chocolatier celebrates his handiwork. Seductive smells waft gently through the air. The colour of the location is in tune with this tasty food for the soul.

Hearing the chocolate
Many of Rommel’s well-known songs, from Bossa to Jazz to Swing and Rock, are being repacked in a coating of chocolate. A delicious “chocolate thread” running through a musical world tour along with brief stories about chocolate. Wonderful songs are garnished with delightful dialogues between the chocolatier and Christina.

Feeling and tasting the chocolate
Soon after the first notes are played, our chocolate expert talks of his passion and hands the audience the first samples of his skills – fresh chocolates with a special “crunch”, irresistible culinary delights of the most unusual varieties combined with Rommel’s songs and humorous stories – the audience is held captive in a chocolate world of sensuous pleasure. Learn about the craft of the chocolatier and the origin of chocolate, watch your favourite chocolate being created throughout the entire evening, indulge yourself in music and continue to receive tasty samples of the finest, sweetest minor matter in the world.

What is a chocolate concert?
Christina will lead you briefly through the show! Yummy!

Allow yourself to slip into our world of chocolate! Till then! - Christina Rommel

In the end, everything’s fine when it’s made from chocolate.

Christina Rommel – The Success Story
Christina is not only the front woman for her band, songwriter, originator of the “Special Locations Tour” and the chocolate concerts, manager and television music expert. Her music is now successfully playing on the radio and on TV. Christina Rommel is a phenomenon!

The Rommel-Band live
Rommel’s music played at the most unusual places in Germany is already legendary. Mines, towers, monasteries, castles and concerts in the clouds or under water – Christina’s sold-out “Special Locations Tour” attracts innumerable fans to the craziest corners of the country. The tour is now a cult and has surpassed the boldest of expectations. Christina and her band celebrate German pop of the finest quality – successful and unforgettable.

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